Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Let's play catch...

UP! We need to catch you up on the last two and a half months!! Not sure I can or will cover it all, but here a some glimpses of what we have been up to around here.

Since my last post, Jenny has moved to St. Louis and is thriving at Mercy Ministries. We talk every week and she has written twice. Her letter that I received last week was about a breakthrough she had while there. She said that it finally clicked with her that God loves her unconditionally. She said that she was experiencing a love that was not of this world through the people there!! His love is still not failing her!!

Since Jenny hasn't been around the house it has been filled with either friends or family pretty consistently. Bill Buckley brought a mission team from MC to the coast for a week in March and they were in our home for prayer, meals, and worship. They were like a fresh wind to us.

To begin April I went with friends and ladies in our church to a Beth Moore conference in New Orleans. My beloved friend Raeline and I took our boys (as you will see in a photo below). We secured our spot in the arena in the handicap section so that the double stroller would fit and we set up camp (you know, all our gear). They loved all the attention from the women! When they fussed, we took turns strolling them along the walking path around the inside of the arena so that we didn't miss a word. We were taught by Beth that according to the Word, being holy is being whole-heartedly devoted to Jesus---mind, soul and body and nothing "hanging out"!

April also has been a time of making memories with our family. Marcus and Ashley made their first visit to our home for Easter along with DeeDee and Big Daddy. Our time together was special; the girls had a blast as Uncle Marcus and Aunt Ashley chased them around the house, played hide-and-seek with them, hid easter eggs from them, and did absolutely anything and everything the girls asked them to do! Even after they were gone Emmaline was screaming Marcus' name from her crib after naps. And since they left, the girls have been asking when they will see them again. Thank you Uncle Marcus and Aunt Ashley for getting on the floor to do the airplane, for playing chase around the house 100 times, for playing ball in the yard (with high winds and attacking knats), for trying for an hour to get our sorry kite to fly, for reading books, for allowing your body to be used as a jungly gym, and for being the source of laughter and fun in our home! We will have you any time you are rested up and ready to come back!

We have had Papa and Grammy here for a visit in the last couple of months and then Grammy just came again for a few days. They were here in March during Papa's spring break and made it through an extremely busy week with us...and were a huge help. Ava was a flower girl in a wedding the weekend they were visiting, so we had an event to attend 3 nights in a row! Grammy ironed for an entire day I believe. She ironed Ava's raw silk dress with pleats, Emmaline's silk dress, Samuel's outfit, my silk dress with pleats and Matt's shirt! Whew, I am getting tired just typing it!

I know there is so much more to tell but I need to tell you the most recent news. We closed on our house last Friday! Wow, you want to talk about the faithfulness of God and how He is able to do anything! We now own a home that we could never afford, but the sellers were moved to come down to our offer. This house is beautiful and oh so lovely. We can see the beach and feel the constant breeze. It is spacious and a blessing to so many. This house was built by the Lord, dedicated to the Lord and will continue to be a place where His peace and presence dwells. The door will not stop swinging with people coming and going. We pray the Lord keeps it filled. When you walk through the front door of our home, your eyes are immediately drawn to the scripture painted on the wall. It reads, "Great is the LORD and most worthy of praise; his greatness no one can fathom." psalm 145:3

In addition to the house, we were blessed with two brand new bikes! A couple in our church family gave them to us. They bought them soon after Hurricane Katrina and have only ridden them once in 3 years! I haven't had a pink bike since I was a little girl. I am so excited!! Matt and I had been talking about purchasing some bikes and a bike trailer so that we could do something fun together as a family. We were floored when Ron and Rosie showed up at our house with these...and GAVE them to us!

Matt's new bike with a basket (of love) on the back!

Ron and Rosie Daley--giving Rosie's pink bike to me.
Sameul and Thomas strolling in New Orleans after Beth Moore conference.

Samuel loving to swing! He is almost crawling now. He pushes backwards and turns in circles so it won't be long until I'm chasing Him too!

One night we had a babysitter here who gave her a bath early in the evening and then fed her dinner. She ate dinner, went to church and slept in the duck!

Emmaline also got attached to those yellow crocs (passed down from Abby) and would not take them off (even to sleep)for a few days!

This was taken on Easter Sunday in our backyard.

As you can tell, it was challenging to get everyone looking at the camera for this one! This was taken when Marcus and Ashley and mom and dad came to visit for Easter. We ate lunch at a restaraunt overlooking the Pass Christian harbor.

These next few photos are of Ava at her first tball practice. She has had a few games now so I will post photos of her in uniform next. She is having fun! We have to bathe in bug repellent before each game but other than that we enjoy every minute of it!

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The McCleese Crew said...

YEAH! So excited to see an update and hear of all the great things happening in your lives. So glad Jenny is doing well too. It was great to see you last week, I only wish we had long to visit. Congrats on the house. :-) Love you, girl!